Happy Bermuda Shorts Day, Web 3 Style!

NEW YORK, Apr 3, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Back in 1960 when Alan Arthur penned “April 1st Bermuda Shorts Day” on a campus announcement board, he started a new tradition. This simple act ignited a tradition, marking the final day of the winter semester with a festive celebration. Over time, it evolved into a cherished annual event, bringing the campus community together in joyous camaraderie.

But what about all the others who cannot join the party on the campus? 

A fun project was sparked with this comment to take BSD into Web3 as NFTs! Introducing BSD.NFTs: The First 404 Meme/NFT Hybrid on BASE Chain with Impact. Spearheaded by NFTPunks, BSD.NFTs is set to redefine the world of NFTs with Impact, making waves both in the blockchain community and on the beach.

Join us in celebrating the inaugural Web3 Bermuda Shorts Day, where you can mint your very own BSD NFT and be a part of something truly impactful. Together, let’s shape the future of NFTs and make a difference in the world. Visit https://bsdnfts.com/ to learn more and get involved.

What sets BSD.NFTs apart is its commitment to driving positive change. By collaborating with nonprofits and leveraging the power of Web3 technology, BSD.NFTs is forging a connection between digital assets and real-world impact. Each limited edition Bermuda Shorts NFT represents more than just a piece of generative digital art —- it signifies a contribution to meaningful causes.

Now, to the good part, we are planning to celebrate the next BSD on the beach with a massive beach party (two dudes and a drink!). How massive will it be? Well, that’s up to you, all we know is that you will need your BSD NFT to party with us in the VIP section (leftover Pizza) is reserved for those who mint the full 20 NFT set.

Catch us at the upcoming NYC conference, where he will be sharing insights into the creation of NFTs with profound impact. https://whenworldscollide.io/

This visionary approach is poised to reshape the landscape of digital ownership and philanthropy. Learn more about Bermuda Shorts NFTs at https://bsdnfts.com/

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