NETA Auto Expands into Africa with Kenya Launch, Unveiling New Vision for Globalization

Nairobi, Kenya – NETA Auto opened its first flagship store in Kenya. This is not only NETA Auto’s first store in Africa, but also marks a new phase of EVs to entering the African RHD market.

The opening ceremony created a lively and relaxing atmosphere for all the guests. This memorable moment was celebrated by Numerous well-known Kenyan enterprises, business representatives, Chinese business organizations, and industry experts.

Group photo of the event

The reason for NETA Auto for choosing Kenya as its entry point to Africa is based on in-depth analysis of its market potential and strategic vision of global strategies. Kenya not only serves as a gateway to Southern, Central, and Eastern Africa but is also a key node in the Belt and Road Initiative. By leveraging Kenya’s strategic location, NETA Auto aims to deepen economic and trade ties with African countries, and finally completes the transformation of ‘The Chinese NETA’ into ‘The World NETA’.

NETA Auto’s star model, NETA V, has already debuted in Kenya, and models such as NETA AYA and NETA X will follow in the future. In the next two years, NETA Auto plans to enter 20 countries, open 100 stores, and achieve an annual sales volume over 20000 units within three years in Africa. By establishing a high-quality service network, and providing consumers excellent after-sales services, NETA Auto aims to become the leader of the new energy car manufacturers in the region.

NETA Auto enters the African market

Driven by its globalization strategy, NETA Auto adheres to an overseas strategy of ‘Deep rooting in ASEAN, standing out in South America, and developing in the Middle East and Africa’. Also established three major Intelligent eco-factories in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, with outstanding export performance.

With the technical support of the Hozi, Shanhai and Yunhe platforms, NETA Auto continues to set new standards in the EV industry. The application of these cutting-edge technologies not only enhances the product’s intelligence, offering consumers a more comfortable driving experience but also adds momentum to NETA Auto in the African market.

With the gradual implementation of its Africa strategy, NETA Auto is embarking on a new journey with its outstanding products, innovative strategies, and globalization insight.

The successful launch in Kenya is not only an exciting chapter of NETA Auto’s globalization story but also a powerful step for the Chinese brand on the worldwide stage.