New Hope Service publishes 2022 ESG Report

HONG KONG, Apr 28, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – New Hope Service Holdings Limited (“New Hope Service” or “the Company”, stock code: 3658.HK), a comprehensive property management and lifestyle service operator in China, has published its 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

New Hope Service has over the years strived to realize sustainable development. Positioning itself as a “people’s livelihood service operator”, the Company has optimized its structure, integrating ESG-related governance work into daily business and decision-making, plus maintaining close contact with stakeholders, insisting on fulfilling people’s daily living needs, improving its corporate culture and promoting stable and sustainable development.

At those efforts, in 2022, the Company recorded revenue of RMB1,139 million, gross profit of RMB431 million, profit attributable to equity shareholders of RMB203 million, a 17.8% net profit margin attributable to the parent company and earnings per share of RMB0.25. It paid final dividend of RMB0.12 per share for the year. By enhancing management scale and independence, and improving service quality through multiple measures, the Company achieved high-quality growth in the results of its core business.

Photovoltaic power generation, low carbon and saving energy to protect the future
The Company has complied with the country’s green development requirements and is determined to take the low-carbon development path. In the course of operation, it takes a lot of measures on carbon reduction, such as conserving materials, sorting wastes and raising the environmental awareness of property owners, staff and other stakeholders.

Electricity is a major energy source of the Company in property-related business. To reduce power consumption, New Hope Service has adopted various energy-saving measures in operation and also introduced photovoltaic power generation at the property projects it manages. The Dashanghui project in Nanning, for example, has become the first “green mall” in the industry with “generate electricity on the roof and make available in the building”.

In addition, to save yet more energy, the Company has set regional temperature control requirements and promoted several hundred solar street lights retrofit with 200W projects across the country. As for water-saving measures, using certified water-saving faucets and installing pressure conversion heads, it has been able to prevent waste from water splashing.

Actively prevented pandemic spread to protect people’s livelihood and the grassroots
In 2022, the sporadic flareups of the pandemic made prevention and control tasks extremely difficult. The Company placed great importance on aiding pandemic prevention, thus implemented “Six Epidemic Prevention Measures”, including continuous publicity of the pandemic prevention and control policies, increasing disinfection frequency, assisting vaccination and nucleic acid testing, and strictly monitoring personnel traffic in and out of company premises. It also protected at full force the health and safety of property owners and employees amid the pandemic.

When the pandemic was most rampant in Chengdu, the Company issued and acted on “Ten Pledges in the Battle Against the Pandemic”. It, together with the food, dairy and real estate operations of New Hope Group, responded swiftly in ensuring special need groups such as the elderly, the disadvantaged and pregnant women residents have access to daily necessities, offering them convenience services, such as purchase of fresh food, home delivery of food and meal boxes, availing professional and reliable “pandemic defense” to the public.

In addition, New Foodism, the group meal service business of New Hope Service, was admitted to the guaranteed supply list of Jinjiang District, Chengdu and added a guaranteed supply base for the canteen of Lansheng Brain Hospital on top of the oncology hospital canteens it has been serving already. It also provided food and meal boxes to some lockdown areas, assuring the freshness and safety of food ingredients, and offering germ-free packaging and safe delivery of food. As at 19 September 2022, New Foodism had provided a total of close to 40,000 hotpot vegetable packs to residents in Jinjiang District, effectively helping to fight against the pandemic.

“Weiguang Action”, giving back to society through acts of charity
New Hope Service takes equal importance in developing its business and honoring social responsibility. While pursuing business excellence, it also fulfills its corporate social responsibility, engaging in charitable initiatives, voluntary services and community care services, participating in disaster relief, environmental protection, community charity works, anti-pandemic activities, as well as caring for the disadvantaged in society. Drawing on its property management advantages, it endeavors to create better lives for people and build an inclusive community.

In 2022, the Company actively participated in aiding the grassroots in society, serving different individuals, establishing links to bolster communication and trust, and mutual assistance and growth. In June 2022, through its public welfare brand “Weiguang Action”, the Company organized job experience activities for primary school pupils, letting them through work role play gain better understanding of social values. The Company also set up “warm stops” across the country, for more of those who work outdoor, like delivery workers, couriers, decorators and janitors, among others, to have a place to rest, get drinks, and get first aid when under emergency.

People-centric, joining hands to share corporate value
The Company places utmost importance on selecting and nurturing talent, embracing the talent development concept of “green growth without boundaries” and the core value of “joining hands to share corporate value”. As such, it has formulated scientific and complete talent development systems including a “Training Management System”. It has also established the internal learning management platform New Hope Service Academy, which uses a digital learning system as the medium and is supported by a complete talent nurturing system and a comprehensive curriculum and teaching mechanism, enabling it to provide employees with extensive room for growth and a fair development platform. During the year, the Company organized a total of 8,621 different training sessions for 90,238 trainees. In addition, New Hope Service was the only enterprise that received the “Gold Award for Excellent Digital Learning Project” of the 4th Yuntu Awards in 2022 in the southwest region.

In the future, New Hope Service will adhere to the responsibility of serving society, shouldering the tasks of making lives better for the public and owners of the properties it serves, and building together with all a healthier and more harmonious green community. It will contribute to sustainable development and create greater long-term value.

New Hope Service Holdings Limited (stock code: 3658.HK)
New Hope Service (stock code: 3658.HK), as a lifestyle service provider, embraces the mission of “Happiness, make it everyday” and is committed to meeting the needs of customers. Boasting fully integrated and customized services, it has established presence in metropolitan areas and city clusters in China, providing customers in first-tier, new first-tier and second-tier cities with property management services, lifestyle services and commercial operation services, as well as value-added non-property owner services. Moreover, with its own business scaling up steadily and on the back of New Hope Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise, which has an extensive lifestyle service layout, New Hope Service is able to continuously guarantee customer satisfaction and report high-quality operating results. It ranked 25th among the “2022 Property Management Companies in China in terms of Comprehensive Strength” and won the “2022 Golden Kirin Hong Kong and US Listed Companies Awards – Best Small and Medium-Cap Company” award.

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