Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster, America’s #1 Beauty Tool, Launches Into Australian Markets

SYDNEY, Oct 5, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via – Ashley Black is a sought-after entrepreneur who has given three decades to the beauty industry and aced her game in tissue regeneration. One of the fastest-growing private companies in America is finally expanding into Australia. See official Australian website which includes local shipping across the country.

The beauty industry has endured constant growth, notably after people became more aware of how important it is to maintain their health in a holistic and natural approach, especially after they start ageing. This led to the rise of many brands and businesses that promised to help women and others with the best of beauty tools, services and solutions to guide them on a path to achieve their desired goals. However, only a few have been able to deliver on their promises. However, one in particular has grown to become a trusted household name across America. The ‘FasciaBlaster’ is listed as America’s #1 beauty tool.

Ashley Black can’t emphasize enough that tissue regeneration is real and it is peer-reviewed and public science. Explaining it in simple terms, Ashley Black says that the FasciaBlaster tools are rubbed off on the skin of the body, which sets off a chain reaction for the tissues to regenerate. Adding further, she explains that as people age or have postural deficiencies or injuries, their fascia tissues can thicken and can become tangled and with her #1 FasciaBlasting technique with the FasciaBlaster tools and the oils helps in reversing this damage. She throws light on what is regenerated tissue. It means smooth cellulite, increase collagen production, smooth skin of the neck and face and body sculpt.

The constant rise of the FasciaBlaster tools and its ingenious technique created by Ashley Black was continuously craved for by the Australians. In fact, she said many of them begged for it on social media and this made her think why not launch it in the country and let Australians too enjoy the incredible FasciaBlaster tools for tissue regeneration. She reveals that Australia is the first country to expand into and with that, they are super excited to bring FasciaBlaster tools, their education and Kryo Packs and much more.

Ashely Black is proud of creating one of the most sought-after leading beauty tools as, over the years, she has seen how magically her tools have worked on her client’s skin and given them the results they desired. It is a tool that has helped in smoothening the tissue, thinning it and growing new supple fibers. Her business was seen as America’s #1 beauty tool on “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s”. The brand has so far gained a massive number of happy customers of over 1.5 million.

Ashley Black’s company is the first to figure out tissue regeneration and the kind of mind-blowing results they are providing clients have further propelled them forward in the industry. So far, their techniques and tools have received hundreds of thousands of heartfelt testimonies and not just that, many prominent personalities and celebrities have also endorsed it for years. Its US launch had made more than $40 million in sales in its first year itself.

Their most popular tools are Kryos, which are available at the great discounts and convenience that US customers enjoy. More sales and promotions would be done in Australia, just like the US and new blasters will also be made available simultaneously as the US. And, in the coming months, Ashley Black wants Australians to gear up as they will be rolling out their full product catalogue in the coming months, including amazing oil, cream and serum and much more.

Ashley Black is THE ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR for health and beauty by the American Business Association and is also a best-selling author. To know more, visit her website, and follow her on Instagram @ashleyblackguru.

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