CrowdEngine Launches the Most Customizable Investor Management Solution in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Industry

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Nov 5, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via – CrowdEngine, the leading private-label JOBS Act investment crowdfunding platform, announced it’s launching a new customization service so CRE firms can have a custom investment website with personalized dashboards and brand specific front-ends. In addition, CRE firms will also benefit from CrowdEngine’s ability to support capital raises under any U.S. regulations, including Reg. D, Reg. S, Reg. A, and Reg CF.

“Offering investors online dashboards and reports, as well as being able to raise capital online, has become a ‘must’ for CRE firms who want to stay competitive in light of the pandemic, but current solutions are not customizable, so we’ve launched a CRE specific solution to take advantage of our unmatched customization capabilities and proven fundraising technology,” said Jim Borzilleri, CEO of CrowdEngine.

“Unlike other investor management software, CrowdEngine clients can customize 98% of the front-end, or if you don’t have those capabilities, we can do it for you – and if you need specific reporting or dashboards, we can do that too,” said Justin Turner, CTO. CrowdEngine can also build custom integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, or most other CRMs so clients can have a single “source of truth” for all their investor sales and marketing data.

CrowdEngine also offers the Compliance Engine, the most advanced investment technology on the market that has been used by 100’s of clients to date. Its ability to support multiple offering types under any U.S. regulation is supported by the ability for investors to invest using multiple profiles, so they can invest personally, or use any LLC or entity.

By leveraging this new offering, CRE firms will be able to avoid a common “cookie-cutter” website with a completely custom design, custom dashboards, and be able to raise capital using any U.S. regulation faster and at a fraction of the cost of building themselves.

“Focusing on the $16 trillion commercial real estate market is an exciting growth opportunity for the company,” said Boon Saysavanh, Vice-President of Sales. “This will help us expand the benefits of our core technology into a new market that is just beginning to modernize their processes.”

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About CrowdEngine

CrowdEngine was founded in 2013 to provide JOBS Act crowdfunding software and has worked with 100’s of clients. Our proprietary Compliance Engine technology enables our clients to launch their own investor management and fundraising website that supports all offering types in the U.S. including Reg. D, Reg. S, Reg. A+, and Reg. CF. For more information, visit or call us at 888-645-7018.

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