Eminence Rise Media Presents Serge Fradkoff, ‘The Man Who Sublimated Diamonds’

New York, NY – 11/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Eminence Rise Media is privileged to present Serge Fradkoff, known as the white wolf in the world of diamond dealers. Mr. Fradkoff was the right-hand man of Harry Winston, (nicknamed “the Napoleon of precious stones,” and in the secondary market, was the largest seller of rough diamonds in the world).

Harry Winston built his empire while the Depression raged, World War II reshaped the world, and America entered its post-war period of prosperity. In the realm of jewelry and gems, Serge Fradkoff is renowned for the 20 years he spent alongside jeweler Harry Winston, the enigmatic figure who created the world’s most prestigious luxury brand. Mr. Fradkoff demonstrated unparalleled expertise in the acquisition and sale of magnificent gems.

In 1980’s, Mr. Fradkoff’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Serge Fradkoff SA Precious Stones, further cementing his status as a connoisseur and professional in the gemstone industry. Mr. Fradkoff is well known in private circles among high-net-worth individuals for his work as an exquisite jeweler, champion bridge player, art collector, horse-racing enthusiast, finance executive, and film producer. His life, characterized by diverse interests and accomplishments, reflects a deep dedication to excellence, innovation, and meaningful influence in a range of industries.

To learn more about Serge Fradkoff, visit – https://sergefradkoff.com/  

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